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School song

Our school song is proudly sung at assemblies.

Where our school stands today once were campfires that glowed
While tribes taught their children the law,
And corroboree songs echoed on through the dark
As the moon led the white waves to shore.

We can look to the sea from our school on the cliff,
And think of the years that have passed
Since the ships of the First Fleet sailed into the bay
At the end of the sea-road at last.

We have children of families from all round the world,
But honour the flag that we fly,
For we all love the land where the wattles are gold
And the sea is as blue as the sky.

We’ll remember our school all the years of our lives,
And think of the friends we had there.
We will live by the rules that are best for us all.
We’ll be kind, we’ll be true, we’ll be fair.